Friday, May 2, 2008

Government can push 10% Ethanol Now

With the oil companies investing in farms & crude going above $100, India can seriously think of 10% blend. The question of excess sugarcane cultivation for the current year is still serious. It was surprising that in the recent budget there was NO single word on ethanol. Why this? On the other hand, in states like Maharashtra the budget gives incentives to farmers for the uncut sugarcane for the current year. This entire sugarcane can be converted to ethanol.

India has potential investors who are ready to invest manufacturing ethanol & country needs ethanol. The government should come boldly ahead and start the 10% objective. We are confident ethanol will come & flow. Government should not worry on ifs and buts, in regards to availability of ethanol.

It is as good as that we know but are not doing, resulting in not knowing.

I think the government should take bold steps & make 10% mandatory & give the message to the world that ethanol is not a “Neglected Business” in India. We are cautious, & have made 5% mandatory & are serious on further increasing it. We know the current UPA Government has done extraordinary for the farmers & ethanol being a direct revenue to the farmers will further help the governments objectives of benefiting the farmers at the rural level.

India has potential of 10 times of what we are being today (in terms of ethanol production). Now is the time to act boldly and making 10% mandatory.

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