Monday, May 12, 2008

Article food v/s fuel

India Produces all its Ethanol from molasses. In fact it also exports molasses for fuel ethanol & only a marginal %age of potable alcohol is produced from grains. Currently in India no single drop of alcohol for fuel ethanol is from grains route. There is lot of debate of the food v/s fuel aspect, but I think it doesn’t make any sense in India, rather it is not feasible to produce fuel ethanol in India. As the cost is approximately Rs. 20/- a liter considering average yearly prices of grains.

Indian consumption of liquor is around 840 Mn liters & only marginal of potable liquor is produced from grains.

So ultimately if there is debate on fuel v/s food, it is not justified at all. So the anti-ethanol activists should stop debating the food v/s fuel in India & not to confuse the social cause of blending ethanol in petrol.

We can say “anti-ethanol Walon ko food v/s fuel ka bahana chahiye”

Sir, “Yeh public hai, sab janati hai”

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